Our Commitment to Quality 

At SafeGauge our goal is to become the leader in maintenance safety technology in heavy industries such as Mining, Construction, Agriculture and Forestry. We believe in designing our products and serving our customers with a high-level of quality in mind, going beyond their expectations.

We measure our performance through quality performance targets, compliance with quality control processes, and customer feedback. Our systems and processes are based on AS/NZS ISO 9001 best practices that are standardised throughout the organisation.

The SAFE Management System ensures that applicable regulatory, customer, and other requirements are understood, planned, and are effectively implemented by our team.

Our quality objectives include:

•Growth of the business;
•Reliable products;
•On-time service delivery;
•Reduction of product defects;
•Continuous improvement of quality service; and
•High levels of quality performance and customer satisfaction.

The SAFE Management System performance is subject to regular monitoring and measurement to confirm performance and achievement of these quality objectives.

All employees of SafeGauge are committed to continual improvement of The SAFE Management System and are encouraged by management to actively participate in delivering innovative quality improvements.