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Introducing – SafeTest PT Series

Safe Gauge’s first series of product is designed to help technicians stay clear of the “Line of Fire” when live testing mobile plant machinery. Eliminating risk and making your testing more efficient is what we are about.

Safe Gauge Demonstration

Luke Dawson shows how well the SafeTest PT Series from a distance, testing fuel, brakes and steer pressure all displayed on the MultiTool screen.

Testing a fuel system with the SafeTest PT Series

Testing fuel pressure on a CAT 777F watercart at a Hunter Valley mine using the SafeTest PT Series.

Steer test with the SafeTest PT Series

Live work has never been safer, or easier….

CAT D11 Steering Clutch & Brake Calibration made easy!

Live work has never been safer, or easier….

Successful Trial with one of our biggest OEM customers

We are offering trials for you to use our product for FREE! Test your Caterpillar, Komatsu or Hitachi machinery safer and more efficiently with our SafeTest PT Series!!