Safe Gauge Technology Innovation solves an industry wide safety problem

May 14, 2019

Luke Dawson is a mobile heavy plant mechanic that started his apprenticeship at Mt Thorley with Australia’s leading Caterpillar dealership Westrac. During the six years Luke worked for Westrac he was involved across many different sections of the business including machine rebuilds, component rebuilds, and field service diagnose and repairs.

Luke is now working on an innovative solution for safely testing high pressure hydraulics to solve an industry wide safety problem where testing with traditional hydraulic gauges involves significant hazards including fluid injection, line of fire, pinch point / crush injuries and chance of line entanglement (around fans, pullies and drive shafts).

Hydraulic Pressure Testing
Hydraulic Pressure TestingTesting system pressure is a major part of maintaining machine performance and one of the first things to do when something is not working correctly on a hydraulic system. Understanding the hazards involved with pressure testing is extremely important and positive communication with everyone involved is essential. Even with controls in place, our miners, construction workers and farmers are still being injured and killed by the nature of working in close proximity to mobile plant machinery.

Luke believes he has developed a solution to hazards in hydraulic pressure testing
Solution to hazards in hydraulic pressure testingReflecting the many incident reports, articles and government researches on crush injuries and fluid injection, it is hard not to notice the ongoing concern for worker safety. We asked Luke Dawson to talk a bit about his on the tools experience and what can be done to decrease the amount of these injuries in the workplace.

“Testing hydraulic pressure is common practice in the field and workshops and is something that will continually need to be done to maintain machine performance. There are hazards involved with every job, but the consequences with high risk activities are far greater. My solution to this safety concern is an accurate wireless pressure gauge to allow the tester to be clear from the line of fire by remote monitoring. This will not only give the technician confidence of staying clear from crush zones but will eliminate the chance on fluid injection by holding a complete electronic device rather than a pressurized gauge and hose”

— Luke Dawson
Managing Director, Safe Gauge

What is Safe Gauge Technology?
“As a plant mechanic I saw firsthand that there was an imperative to develop a safety technology to enable testing of high pressure hydraulic systems at a safe distance ‘out of the line of fire’ to avoid injury.”

— Luke Dawson

Safe Gauge creates a new, safer and more efficient way to test hydraulic pressure on any system up to 600bar. Being wireless means you can be clear from the line of fire / crush zones and eliminate the chance of fluid injection.

Safe Gauge is a wireless transducer with four accurate colour coded pressure sensors enabled four hydraulic systems to be tested. These Pressure sensors are wirelessly connected to a hand held touch screen device. Safe Gauge is contained in a heavy-duty industrial strength carry case.

Safe Gauge is undergoing trials involving extensive Validation in Use testing and is planned to be released in June 2019.

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