Safe Gauge High-Pressure Hydraulic Testing Unit is Passing ‘In Field’ Trials with Flying Colours

November 21, 2019

Announcement 21 November 2019

Luke Dawson Managing Director of Safe Gauge Pty Ltd announced today that a Safe Gauge High Pressure Hydraulic Testing Beta Unit is performing to specification in field Validation in Use Trials at a heavy plant maintenance facility in Hunter Valley NSW.

Additional Beta Units are available to be placed with users for Validation in Use Trials to safely test hydraulic pressure on various mobile and fixed plant equipment.

“As a plant mechanic I saw firsthand that there was an urgent need to develop safety technology to enable testing of high-pressure hydraulic systems at a safe distance to stay clear from the line of fire, avoiding the risk of crushing injuries and fluid injection. There is currently no available wireless technology the same as Safe Gauge to remove plant mechanics from the hazard zone when testing hydraulics systems.” Luke Dawson said.

Bede Boyle Chairman of Quality Plant Services Group and Safe Gauge director said “There has been serious injuries when testing the integrity of pressure equipment and The NSW Chief Inspector of Mines Safety Alert recommends considering safe work systems including removing people from the test area. Safe Gauge demonstrably meets this objective and will have application in mining, rail, defence and construction industries, wherever people are testing the integrity of pressure equipment especially in confined spaces.”

Luke Dawson advised that Safe Gauge is currently progressing through design for manufacture with an Australian electronics manufacturer and plans to have commercial units available for sale in 2Q 2020.

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