Here at Safe Gauge we like to give a little back to those who need it most. We hope to encourage others to do the same, by supporting charity groups and making a positive impact on the local community.

  • Lifeline
  • The Smith Family
  • Rett Australia
  • Mater

We sponsor team 100!

Team 100 is training hard for the remainder of the 2020 season getting ready for the 2021 Dirt track and Long Track racing.
Violet Wooderson Age 6 on her Yamaha 50cc will be enjoying her first season of racing.

Brandon Wooderson age 12 on his Yamaha 85cc returns after a break off the bike, is showing the dedication by training hard to become a top contender. Brandon will also be stepping up to the 125cc next year on his 13th birthday.

With the help from Safe Gauge it will be possible for these two youngsters to be decked out in the safety gear required to compete at race level, Thankyou.

Koby Wooderson – Father & Team Manager

We Sponsor Preston, a 12 year old boy who needs assistance in school

Preston is a 12 year old boy in NSW who we have sponsored since 2018 by providing financial support for school essentials. Our support will help him to continue to attend school regularly, complete year 12 and move onto further education and employment post school.

We often receive letters from Preston hearing about how he is enjoying school and playing football on weekends. Maths and history are his favourite subjects and has improved most in science and reading. Preston wants to be a plumber and professional football player when he grows up, so it is extremely important for him to have the essentials in life to help reach his goals.

Supporting Lifeline: Brock shares his story to help others

In December 2017 our lives changed forever, we lost our husband/father to suicide and our family of 6 became 5 in just moments. There were no signs at all, Dad was one of the most together and full of life people I had ever met, always working hard to provide his family with the best life possible, always going on holidays and adventures, seemed nothing but happy and the last person to do this but deep down he was struggling with something no-one knew about.

5 months later our family then went from 5 to 4, we lost our daughter/sister also to suicide, and yet again Chelsey was one to live life to the fullest, bright and bubbly and just all round high on life but deep down she also must had been struggling.

Our family got thrown into a very dark place, we were stuck with so many unanswered questions, we had lost the backbone of our family, nothing seemed real, we were all round torn apart, and had to try and come to the terms that life was never going to be the same again.

After months and months of grieving, myself and mother realised that there was nothing in this world we could do to bring back what we have lost but we could try to do things to help other people/ families not go through what we have and to encourage people to speak up if they are struggling.

Myself and 2 mates created a clothing brand called AFTRMTH active where we focus on mental health, trying to get people to speak up if there having a rough time and showing people through social media that after every dark situation there can always be light if you want there to be.

In 2019 my mother Vicki has also raised $50 000 for Lifeline through fundraisers, to provide lifeline with funds to continue their work to help save people struggling as they helped her with the tragic situation she had been dealt.

We are not saying that just by speaking to someone about your struggles will make you wake up the next day and everything will be fine, because it won’t, but it will make people around you aware of what’s going on and give you far greater chance of getting past it. We only get one life, so together we need to support each other and make it last as long as possible.

ITS NOT WEAK TO SPEAK, if you would like to talk to somebody that you do not know personally call LIFELINE 13 11 14, they do not judge they just help! They have helped my family.

– Brock Mendyk